Tim Schroll Fine Art Photography

I look and when I feel something, I shoot; pretty much sums it up. I love what I do. There is no message in my photography. I’m not trying to tell anyone anything, just to look closely and see what you see or feel. Cameras are always with me and I’ve learned to stop. The variety of images created makes it difficult to categorize my work but landscape/still life would be close. Nature’s light is amazing and the still life images have a certain draw to me. Everything in nature from the biggest sky to the smallest leaf abound with beauty, nature is the artist; I only try to capture the light on film.

I am a self-taught photographer and have been creating black and white images since 1972. I never had to make a living with my photography so what you see is my passion. Black and white distills the process down to light and form. All of my photographs use film and a wet darkroom workflow. I primarily use large format (4x5 inch) cameras but also employ medium format for the quick shots when light is changing the fastest. My involvement is complete from exposure of the film to matting and framing the print. I enjoy my time in the darkroom as much as in the field chasing the light.

I photograph for myself and love to share my vision. As you explore the website you will understand. During the last forty-five years of photography I have been honored with numerous awards and recognitions. My work hangs in many homes, businesses, and galleries in the state, region, and internationally.

This web site is a collection of my "greatest hits" so to speak. Additional images will be added periodically as they emerge from the darkroom. They will first appear in the Gallery “New Stuff” and later be moved to their appropriate Gallery. The "news" section will keep you up to date on my latest shows and events where you can see the real thing, up close and personal. There is nothing quite like the real thing!

Click on "Galleries", choose a subject, and browse around. You can zoom in on each image by double clicking on it. Come back often, share with your friends, and let me know what you think.

To purchase my work, please refer to my Pricing Guide page. I feel it is better to communicate with me about details rather than just having a “cart” process. Send me a message through my contact area and I will answer promptly. I want you to get exactly what you want and know when it is coming. Each print is hand processed as it is ordered. Darkroom work takes more time than computer processing so please be patient.